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  Founded in 2011, Firstbrave Group is now a data-driven copyright distribution and protection platform. Providing services such as Copyright financing and distribution, Copyright protection and Copyright big-data analysis for businesses, Firstbrave Group devotes itself to the promotion of a healthy global environment for copyrighted content. Firstbrave's R&D center is in Shanghai, while the marketing center is in Beijing. Our purpose is to fight piracy and distribute legal content; our objective is to create a world-leading copyright management platform.

  Centering on copyrighted content such as film and music, and relying on state-of-the-art core technologies in cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, Firstbrave Group has created an industry-leading copyright big data platform, which is now providing one-stop services of copyright monitoring and copyright protection for a large amount of film, television, music, sports and other kinds of copyrighted content with a total value exceeding 20 billion US dollars.

  Shanghai Jushi Films, a subsidiary of Firstbrave Group, is a Film and TV copyright trading company. It provides film and television copyright financing services, as well as online distribution over a multitude of platforms and distribution channels, with the aim of maximizing profit for copyright holders. By December 2017, Jushi Films has distributed over the Internet more than 3,000 domestic and foreign film and television titles, tens of thousands of music works, and its long-term partners now include over 80 film and television companies residing in United States, Japan, and over 40 other countries.

  Firstbrave Group won the China Copyright Golden Award in 2016, and is the technology provider for China Copyright Association Monitoring Center 12426.cn.